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Litigation and arbitration

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The Litigation and Arbitration department at MA Abogados advises clients on all sorts of civil and commercial disputes and litigation.Depending on the nature of the dispute, teams are formed under the leadership and responsibility of one of the partners. The initial objective is to avoid the legal or arbitration proceeding.

Our performance in negotiating and reaching satisfactory agreements is unparalleled. We have been involved in major arbitrations between national and international companies, after analysing the advisability of using this procedure or mediation as an alternative to going through the courts.

When an agreement cannot be reached, the client is advised on the corresponding legal or arbitration proceeding, its steps and implementation.

Our advice and expertise include:

  • Ad hoc arbitrations and arbitrations before national and international courts
  • Application for the annulment of arbitration awards
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards
  • Proceedings arising from contracts: validity, compliance and termination
  • Leases, rights in rem, horizontal property
  • Payment claims
  • Bills, checks and promissory notes
  • Moral damage: right to honour, privacy and self-image
  • Tort product liability and consumer complaints
  • Professional liability
  • Family Law
  • Inheritance Law. Wills, division of estate
  • Foreclosure
  • Proceedings under Banking Law
  • Corporate disputes. Challenging agreements, boards of partners and management bodies of a corporation. Managers’ liability
  • Industrial and intellectual property Motion for invalidity of a trademark. Unfair competition