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Industrial and Intellectual Property

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MA Abogados provides professionals with training and experience in protecting industry-related creations: patents and utility models, distinctive signs and designs.

Our advice includes:

  • Scope of the protection offered by industrial property rights to the holder.
  • Patent and trademark registration.
  • Legal proceedings that may be initiated by the holder against anyone who violates their rights.
  • Types of industrial property rights: industrial designs, trademarks and trade names, patents and utility models, semiconductor.
  • Tax benefits on the transfer of intangible assets.
  • Industrial property rights. General principles of industrial property.
  • Revocation and invalidity of industrial property rights.
  • Patent protection abroad.

MA Abogados has experience protecting the rights of authors and other holders (artists, producers, broadcasters) for the creations of their minds (works and services) that are considered unique and not industrially produced.

We provide advice and defence in all aspects related to the following:

  • Protection and defence of the rights of authors and artists, as well as producers and broadcasters.
  • Legal matters related to new technologies. Software licensing.
  • Management and protection of literary, musical, audiovisual, multimedia and artistic creations and any other work protected by current legislation.
  • Defence and management of both moral and economic rights.
  • Contracts for the transfer of licensing and use rights.
  • Music and literary publishing contracts.
  • Representation and management contracts.
  • Contracts for the creation of audiovisual, music and/or multimedia works.
  • Management and negotiation of synchronization and adaptation rights.
  • Defence, management, licensing and use of the right to honour, privacy and self-image.