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The team of professionals at MA Abogados is highly qualified to guide our clients in the resolution of any conflict arising from the relationships between natural or legal persons. We advise and offer legal assistance in all the organs and judicial bodies, administrative and competent authorities, in the real estate sector.

  • Legal Due diligence and asset management.
  • Portfolio analysis. Valuations.
  • Advice on land acquisition and finished product: Related contracts, sales, leasing and management.
  • Creation of legal and tax figures for investors in the purchase, sale, leasing and management of real estate projects.
  • Advising real estate developers during the development of the construction project, works and sales contracts, leases, new works declarations and horizontal division. Real estate complexes. Cooperatives.
  • Advice on legal issues of urban and environmental nature.
  • Constitution and extinction of property rights over real estate.
  • Judicial executions, notaries, purchases and recommendations in payment of NPL´s.
  • Refinancing, restructuring and enforcement of guarantees.
  • Wealth Management.
  • Portofolio sales, real estate projects for private or institutional investors, real estate investment funds or end users.
  • Elaboration of reports and opinions on relevant legal-administrative matters. Real estate taxation.
  • Legal proceedings derived from real estate. Legal defense in the various court p ways and in all instances. Registration of declarations of new works.
  • Excess capacity records
  • Re-designation of areas, for division purposes or for real estate.
  • Adequacy of the real physical situation to the Property Registry and the Land Registry.
  • Investment and financing in relation to the promotion of Commercial and Residential land.
  • Operations relating to companies under difficulties and distressed assets of real estate nature, including residential or commercial assets and mortgage portofolios (non-performing loans) on residential or commercial assets.
  • Legal guidance on all types of contracts: purchase and sale, lease, works or service provider.
  • Property Registry
  • Mortgage modifications, bank guarantees, floor clauses
  • Financial derivatives and exotic products, including legal guidance in judicial proceedings in relation to these.
  • Immigration and family matters