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Refinancing, Restructuring and Bankruptcy

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MA Abogados has extensive professional experience gained by acting as receiver in a big number of insolvency cases, both in shortened and regular proceedings. In our extensive experience as receivers, we have achieved major successes in numerous of insolvency proceedings.

We have also been involved in many bankruptcy proceedings, representing our clients, both in their role as creditors and debtors.

At MA Abogados we anticipate the legal changes that constantly arise in this field and are often involved in the intellectual discussions preceding such reforms.

We also provide advice to national and international business groups in difficulty, actively participating in their debt refinancing processes and thus helping them make the right decisions for a more efficient restructuring of their business. We analyse and seek optimal refinancing solutions for each client, assessing and examining, in each case, the project feasibility and guarantees. Legal advice in corporate restructuring covers every stage of the operation, from start to completion, through negotiation and drafting of the relevant agreements, including, in some cases, corporate structure changes.

The primary goal of MA Abogados is to achieve economic viability for the company. Our track record is our best guarantee: our average number of court-approved bankruptcy agreements, avoiding the liquidation of the company, is above the national rate. We provide experts in other areas of Law which may be particularly significant for the company’s economic viability plan (Administrative, Tax and Employment Law), building multidisciplinary teams with experience working for companies in any industry.

Legal advice and representation of debtor clients, providing:

  • Viable restructuring plans during the pre-bankruptcy period, including negotiation, drafting of agreements, corporate structure changes, analysis of the company’s employment structure, effects of filing bankruptcy, sources of funding, estimating the cost of the procedure.
  • Searching for legal alternatives to overcome financial or economic challenges.
  • Optimal debt refinancing for every situation, assessing its feasibility and guarantees.
  • Support from the preliminary phase to completion, if applicable.
  • Bankruptcy agreement proposal and approval.
  • Orderly liquidation of the company, if necessary.
  • Acting as receivers, both in shortened and regular proceedings.

Legal advice and representation of creditor clients, providing:

  • Management of claims in bankruptcy proceedings, report rebuttal, contract termination, defence in recovery proceedings.
  • Strategy for the collection of outstanding credit.
  • Enforcement of guarantees.
  • Filing a bankruptcy petition when deemed necessary.
  • Working with the Bankruptcy Administration in the preparation and filing of recovery proceedings.

We have extensive experience working with companies from the criminal point of view, both in order to support the private prosecution, as well as in the defense of administrators, managers and technicians in the economic, activity and operations of the company:

  • Corporate crimes
  • Asset stripping
  • Swindling, misappropriation and unfair administration
  • Punishable insolvencies
  • Crimes against land use planning and the environment
  • Tax offenses, technological crimes and crimes against workers

In addition, our teams of professionals are capable of implementing prevention protocols to prevent or hinder practices that may compromise the future of the company, establishing control measures and prevention of punishable conduct.