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Banking and Finance

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MA Abogados has a team of experts in the following: in-court and out-of-court proceedings for the settlement of interbank disputes, and corporate and project finance, providing legal advice and assistance to financial entities, listed companies, institutions and companies on Procedural and Transactional Banking Law, with experience in:


  • Procedures for public offering and / or admission or exclusion of securities trading: debt and equity capital issues (OPS, OPV, OPA, exempt offers, listings, capital increases, capital reductions, splits)
  • Corporate financing: financing of mergers and acquisitions; financing of assets and projects (project finance). Preparation of documentation, both from the financing and execution of the Project aspects
  • Due diligence within the framework of restructuring, refinancing or mergers and acquisitions procedures. Preparation of the corresponding legal reports and coordination of the preparation of technical reports
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts and bank guarantees
  • Legal advice and advice in business banking: factoring, leasing, renting, credit cards


  • Negotiation, restructuring and refinancing of debts, both from creditors and debtors
  • Negotiation with financial entities: bridge loans, payment in kind, debt capitalization
  • Design and structuring of intra-group financing
  • Company and group restructuring


  • Corporate operations, acquisition of significant participations in listed regulated companies (OPA, acquisitions with OPA exemption), managers, venture capital, collective investment, investment services and credit institutions
  • Specific regulation of companies supervised by the CNMV (listed companies, SGIIC, ESIs, IIC (SICAV and Investment Funds) and ECR (SGEIC, Companies and Venture Capital Funds)
  • Authorization and registration of entities and regulated activities
  • Supervision by CNMV and Banco de España to listed companies and managers: disciplinary proceedings, both in administrative and judicial phases
  • Compliance with obligations before agencies and supervisory authorities of the securities market and financial entities. Processing of files of extensions of the program of activities, modification of the price brochures and answer of different requirements of the CNMV
  • Evaluation and supervision by CNMV and Banco de España of suitability, honorability, knowledge, experience, conflicts of interest and incompatibilities. Drafting and negotiation of CEOs
  • Legal management and advice on authorization procedures, continuous supervision, inspection and sanctions, before the Bank of Spain, the National Securities Market Commission and the SEPBLAC


  • Support to the Regulatory Compliance Units of fund managers and investment services companies
  • Prevention of money laundering, crime prevention and codes of conduct


  •  Complex judicial procedures: financial derivatives, interest rate hedges (swap), obligations and preferred stocks