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Economic criminal

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MA Abogados can advise clients on the implementation of effective systems for regulatory compliance monitoring and control and crime prevention, Corporate Compliance.Our services are tailored to today’s economic reality, and we have years of experience advising companies on criminal matters, both supporting the prosecution when our clients have been harmed as a result of an established criminal offence, and defending managers, executives and technicians in issues related to the company’s economics, scope or operations:

  • Corporate crime
  • Asset stripping
  • Fraud, misappropriation and unfair administration
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Offences related to spatial planning and the environment
  • Fiscal offence, technological crimes and offences against employees

Moreover, the establishment of liability of legal persons for any criminal offences committed by their employees and executives requires the implementation of crime control and prevention measures in order to avoid the serious consequences this could entail, which could even result in the dissolution of the company.That’s why at MA Abogados we assist our clients in the implementation of the necessary protocols to prevent or obstruct practices which might jeopardize the future of the company.

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